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UCT students

About myUCT

From what date is myUCT available?

myUCT has been available since August 2011.

Who gets a new mailbox?

All students email addresses will have a @myuct.ac.za mailbox, except for postdoctoral fellows. Postdoctoral fellows migrated together with staff to Microsoft Exchange in 2013.

Do I have to have a new mailbox?

Undergraduate and honours students

Yep. Isn't it exciting? Prior to 31 March 2012 you were able to access your old mailbox. This mailbox has since been deleted and you can now only access your myUCT mailbox.

Masters and doctoral students

As from January 2013 all masters and doctoral students will be provisioned with a myUCT mailbox. Your mailbox content will not be migrated from GroupWise to Outlook but you can pull your GroupWise mail into your new myUCT mailbox.

Does this count towards my student Internet quota? 

Access to the email and calendaring pages does not count towards your Internet quota, however, access to OneDrive does count towards your quota. This restriction is expected to stay in place for the time being.

Does myUCT have a complete address book like GroupWise?

Only students are listed and visible in the myUCT system. Staff addresses are not visible on this system. 

Is the myUCT email platform and OneDrive stored overseas?

myUCT is a cloud-based solution and everything is stored overseas. All user support and email administrative tasks (e.g. mailbox administration) are handled by ICTS, but we do not host any back-end systems on-site, except our own identity management servers (which we already had in production and use for account provisioning).

Will Outlook 2010 be offered as a local email client?

We will install Outlook on student computing lab workstations if lab owners require us to do so.

Outlook was installed on all staff workstations during the staff rollout, replacing the GroupWise client.

Access your myUCT mailbox

How do I access the myUCT mailbox?

There are a number of ways to get to it, depending on what you are using. Some examples:

What is my email address?

Your myUCT email address is in the following format: Studentnumber@myuct.ac.za

What username and password should I use?

You don't log on using your UCT username - you log on using your email address (studentnumber@myuct.ac.za) and your UCT password.

Migration from GroupWise to myUCT

Were there consultations to change the email addresses?

Yes. There has been extensive consultation right across the university and at a number of levels within the UCT hierarchy. ICTS submitted proposals to various committees, fora and departments, including the university's Communication and Marketing Department and the SRC. As a result of this consultation process, the myUCT domain was chosen.

All students - except for postdoctoral fellows - will have a @myuct.ac.za mailbox. Postdoctoral fellows' email addresses will remain the same: preferredname.surname@uct.ac.za.

Why can't we keep our old email addresses?

UCT is now using two email systems: Microsoft Exchange (post-doctoral fellows and staff) and myUCT (undergraduate, honours, masters and doctoral students. During the first phase, only undergraduate and honours students moved to myUCT. Staff and post-doctoral fellows mailboxes were migrated from July 2012 to December 2013 to Microsoft Exchange and in 2013 the Office of the Registrar made a decision to migrate all masters and doctoral students to myUCT.


What happened to my old email?

  • Undergraduate and honours students: Your GroupWise mailbox has been deleted and you only have access to your myUCT mailbox.

  • Masters and doctoral students: Your GroupWise (@uct.ac.za) mailbox will remain active and accessible until you graduate.

Mail sent to your @uct.ac.za email address

What happens to mail sent to my old address?

Mail sent to your studentnumber@uct.ac.za email address will be returned to its sender.

What happens if I have a studentnumber@uct.ac.za and  name.surname@uct.ac.za email address?

On 31 March 2012 all undergraduate and honours students who previously had @uct.ac.za mailboxes, had their mailboxes deleted.

If you are an existing masters or doctoral student then your @uct mailbox will remain active and accessible until you graduate, but your @myUCT email address will be your official mailbox going forward.

If you are a new masters or doctoral student you will only receive a @myUCT mailbox.

Must I notify all my contacts about this new email address?

Yes. All UCT's automated systems have been updated to reflect the change of students' email addresses. You, however, need to inform your contacts of the change to your email address.

Password Management

How do I manage password updates?

When you change your password using Password Self-Service, your new password will automatically be synchronised to your myUCT account. In terms of Connected Accounts, your GroupWise password will automatically change, but if you have a connected account in your myUCT account which is linked to GroupWise it will need to be manually changed to reflect the new changed password. This is done by editing the connected account in the same way you set it up.

Why is myUCT password is not working?

Please only use Password Self-Service to change your password. These are the requirements for new passwords:

  • Do not use your username as your password.

  • Passwords exceeding 16 characters will not be accepted on the myUCT system.

  • No spaces can be used in your password. 

Set up

How do I automatically redirect my incoming myUCT email to another email account?

The Outlook Redirect Help file provides you with step by step instructions on how to redirect your emails.

How do I open and view delivery reports in myUCT?

The Search for Message Delivery Reports web article provides step by step instructions on how to perform these tasks.

How can I log on to myUCT without signing out of Hotmail?

There are a few options available that allows you to use more than one Windows Live ID at a time.

Security and Privacy

Is my mailbox and personal information protected?

All information in our systems, no matter where and how they are hosted, is protected within in the UCT domain and is subject to UCT's auditing requirements and processes.

UCT doesn't force you to add any personal information to your myUCT account. This is your personal choice and one that many people have made choosing to rather use a private email account for emails unrelated to UCT.

Will there be less spam?

The Microsoft cloud-based email service uses Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) to prevent spam and phishing. Read more about the system’s spam filtering and message hygiene.

I need help

  • Undergraduate and honours students: Support is rendered as per normal by your faculty or lab administrators. You can also browse the instructions on the  www.myuct.ac.za website or get support online by visiting the ICTS Facebook page or our Twitter account.

  • Masters and doctoral students: You can request support from your faculty IT support team, lab administrators or log a call with the IT Helpdesk.

Stay informed

Go to www.myuct.ac.za or follow us on Twitter.

Lodge a complaint

We hope that everyone is as excited as we are about myUCT, but if you have a bad experience or ideas for improvements, please send an email to icts-feedback@uct.ac.za

Problems experienced with myUCT

Some UCT emails are not going to the myUCT email account

All on-campus systems have been updated to reflect your new address. You, however, need to inform individuals of your new address as any email sent to your old mailbox will be returned to its sender.

I am unable to send emails from myUCT

If you are using Google Chrome, try disabling the Skype toolbar. You can also try opening your email in incognito mode.

myUCT does not work with some versions of Internet browsers

Please see which supported browsers are recommended when using Office 2013 and Office 365.

I cannot get past the connect to the proxy stage

Follow these steps to access your myUCT account for the first time:
1. Open your browser and navigate to www.outlook.com/myuct.ac.za.
3. Sign in using your studentnumber@myuct.ac.za and your UCT network password.

I get this error message: You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password

After setting up your new password in Password Self-Service, wait about five minutes before logging into myUCT.ac.za so that the new password can be synced to all UCT systems. The error message might come up because you tried to get in too quickly after changing the password - and then kept on trying.

I don't see the See All Options link

You may have inadvertently chosen the "Basic" interface. You can fix this by doing the following:

1. Log in to your myUCT account and go to Options (Top right).
2. Click on Accessibility (Left).
3. Uncheck Use the blind and low vision experience.
4. Click Save.
5. Log out of your email and then log in again.

Why is Windows Live Messenger not working?

Microsoft has replaced Windows Live Messenger with Skype. To get Skype, download it from the Internet.

Once you have downloaded and installed Skype, you can sign in using your network credentials.

More information on Skype is available on the About Skype page and on the Skype Help page, as well as on the ICTS website. 


UCT Alumni

What happens when I leave UCT?

You have full use of your @myuct account for life.

All students who have graduated from UCT in December 2014 will automatically be provisioned with an alumni email address, name.surname@alumni.uct.ac.za. This alumni email address will be created as an alias to your current myUCT mailbox and will be used as the From email address when sending an email. Your studentnumber@myuct.ac.za email address will still remain active, however, and you can choose to use it by selecting it in the From dropdown menu when you compose an email.

During 2015, those UCT alumni who use a myUCT email address will also be provisioned with an @alumni.uct.ac.za email address. We are, however, still identifying the best solution to provide the alumni email address to those students who graduated before the launch of myUCT. More information regarding the roll out for these various stages will be communicated in the coming months.  

Postdoctoral fellows

As a postdoctoral fellow you are provisioned with a name.surname@uct.ac.za email address and a secondary studentnumber@myuct.ac.za email address which you can use for life.

When you leave UCT, the name.surname@uct.ac.za email address will no longer be accessible, but you can continue to access your mail using your myUCT mailbox which will use the default name.surname@alumni.uct.ac.za email address.

Can I disable my account after I have graduated?

You will have access to your myUCT mailbox for life, but you can choose to stop using this mailbox.

Will I continue receiving emails from UCT and can I opt out?

You will continue to receive UCT emails until about 90 days after your graduation. Thereafter, your student account status will become inactive in the PeopleSoft system and you will no longer receive emails from auto-populated mailing lists such as the allstudents-l mailing list.

UCT does, however, reserve (and execute) the right to use myUCT (specifically email) as the preferred method for communicating with students and alumni.

How do I change my password after graduation?

Once you leave UCT you can continue to use Password Self-Service to change your myUCT account password. If you experience problems logging onto Password Self-Service, please contact the IT Helpdesk by using any one of the following methods: